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The times are moving ahead while smart locks are part of the progress. Door locks are mostly opened with the help of a metal key. Thieves can enter a house or a room by breaking the locks or by making duplicate metal keys. As per a study by the FBI in 2017, there were more than 5.22 million incidents of burglaries due to the use of simple locks. A smart lock may protect your private room or house from burglaries much better than a simple lock.


Fingerprint lock: The lock can easily be unlocked via valid fingerprint, password, RFID card & advanced emergency metal key. Also it can be unlocked via Mobile App if necessary. Invalid user fingerprint, password, RFID card cannot open the lock at all. The owner can receive an alarm when there is someone trying the wrong password for more than 5 times.


Power supply: AA Alkaline Batteries and backup power via the USB interface when the batteries are finished.

Unlock: Fingerprint unlock has a biometric fingerprint sensor. A door lock can record multiple fingerprints and user passwords.

Security: When closing the door, you can quickly lock the door by lifting the door handle. Anti-peeping function also protect the valid password a lot.

Emergency: There is a key hole in the hidden place under the fingerprint lock, which is used to open the fingerprint lock with a key in emergency case.

If you want to start your smart life with such a smart door lock, please don’t hesitate to contact Guangzhou Home Shield Guard Locks Co., Ltd. for details. We are innovative manufacturer for smart locks in China. With more than 22 years of professional experiences, we have also passed the ISO (9001-2015) quality system certification and the CE & ROSH certificate. Your inquiry will be highly appreciated.

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