Enjoy the benefits from digital door lock

Enjoy the benefits from digital door lock

  • 2021-03-15

With the development of the tourism industry and popularity of smart home, the market of digital door lock is rapidly expanding. Home Shield keeps innovating locks with multiple functions and high cost performance, in order to meet the needs of the people.

Here comes our new product “JD319T”, which includes 5 ways of access: Bluetooth, fingerprint, PIN code, RFID card and Mechanical keys.

The benefits and features of “JD319T” are as follows.

Free connection, easy to unlock

Many people have the experiences of forgetting the keys. While the worst situation is losing the key. When you go to work, go shopping or go travelling, it feels really bad to carry the mechanical keys.

Let’s enjoy the quick unlocking with fingerprint sensor on handle design smart door lock “JD319T”. No need to worry about forgetting and losing your keys anymore.

For elderly people and children with shallow fingerprints, RFID card or PIN code would be a better way.

Bring warmth to your family

With the digital door lock, parents don't have to worry about their children who may lock themselves at home by accident. When the children are not back home from school on time, or the old people are out for a long time, you could be aware of the door opening records timely.

Therefore, it assures the safety of family members to bring warmth to family.

Remote password, say goodbye to the troubles

It’s easy and secure to create a one-time password remotely, especially when people all over the world are still fighting for the virus nowadays. More and more people prefer to use the digital door lock nowadays. It can reduce the frequency of meeting people directly.

If you are a host, you don’t need to worry about meeting the tenants face to face. What’s more, no one can copy your keys anymore.

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