Invisible Key Access Smart Door Lock Bluetooth

Invisible Key Access Smart Door Lock Bluetooth

  • 2020-02-19
Why smart lock Bluetooth?

Misplacing keys is impressive experience for many people. Something awful happens once the keys cannot be found at the right time. A new generation of smart lock intruduce an invisible key access to a building.

The smart bluetooth door lock enables people to unlock the lock without metal key. The lock could be unlocked by App through Bluetooth, by offline password remotely, by Authorized fingerprint / password / key card directly on lock.

Namely people have multiple choice of invisible keys to go home. It could be great news for those who are missing keys a lot, especially for younger generations.

smart bluetooth door lock

Bluetooth lock JD206T

The Bluetooth lock set free people from metal keys entirely. JD206T connects to cell phone via Bluetooth without additional gateway or any signal receiver. The user can unlock it near the lock with single touch on BLE Unlock on the App: WisHome.

For leasing houses or apartments, APP: WisApartment has better functions for tenants management and staff management. The App works like the hotel door lock system. WisApartment on Bluetooth lock JD206T enables the owners to manage the leasing business remotely.It is very popular with AirBNB users.

When the User of the smart door lock have other smart home app. WisApartment app offers 100% interface for any cooperated smart home security platform. It is definitely a plus for the use of Bluetooth door lock JD206T.

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