Resuming Work Under New COVID-19 Case Continuously Decline for 11 Days

  • 2020-02-15

With COVID-19 gradually being controlled by a series of powerful measures taken by Chinese government, people’s lives are getting back to normal orderly.

As a smart door lock factory with strong sense of social responsibility, we abide by the regulations well and have acquired official permission to resuming work.

We take standard measures to prevent infection.

1. Staff management.

a) Temperature measuring before entry.

b) Anti-bacteria hand sanitizer provided.

c) Mask provided.

d) Safety instructions.

2. Workplace management.

a) Daily comprehensive disinfection.

b) Staff unnecessary access dissuaded.

c) Visitors unnecessary access dissuaded.

We take good care of ourselves and people around us. Only when we are in good health can we make production safely and steadily. We keep the responsibility to everyone in mind, including customers never met.

Soon, we will defeat the epidemic and put everything back on the track forward.

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